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Her father was a World Champion steer roper three times inand McEntire's mother had wished to become a country-music artist but instead became a schoolteacher, although she did teach her children how to sing well. McEntire reportedly taught herself how to play the guitar. On drives home from their father's rodeos, the McEntire siblings learned songs and how to harmonize from their mother, eventually forming a vocal group called the "Singing McEntires" with her brother Pake and younger sister Susie their elder sister Alice did not participate.

McEntire played guitar in the group and wrote all of the songs. Released on the indie label Boss, one thousand copies of the early 45 rpm record were pressed, but the recording was not promoted in a full commercial radio-promoted release.

Between classes, she continued to sing at local venues. Country artist Red Steagallwho was also performing that day, was impressed by her vocal ability and agreed to help her launch a country-music career in NashvilleTennessee. After recording a demo tape, McEntire signed a recording contract with Mercury Records in That same month, Mercury issued her self-titled debut album.

Its lead single, "Today All Over Again" became a top five country hit. William Ruhlmann of AllMusic gave it two-and-a-half out of five stars, stating she did not get hogyan fogyott a reba mcentire control of her music.

Ruhlmann called "There Ain't No Love" "essentially a soft pop ballad". InMcEntire announced her departure from Mercury, criticizing the label's country hogyan fogyott a reba mcentire production styles. Harold Shedd was originally the album's producer; however, McEntire rejected his suggestions towards country pop arrangements.

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It was instead produced by Norro Wilsonalthough the album still had a distinguishable country pop sound. Instead of finding new material, she found previously recorded country hits from her own record collection, which was then recorded for the album.

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It was given positive reviews from critics, with Billboard praising McEntire as "the finest woman country singer since Kitty Wells " and Rolling Stone critics honoring her as one of their Top 5 favorite country artists. The album also included instruments such as a fiddle and pedal steel guitarand was aimed more towards a traditional country sound. The album was certified Gold.

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Like her previous release, the album received positive feedback, including Rolling Stone, which called it a "promising debut". For this album, McEntire and co-producer Jimmy Bowen incorporated her traditional music style into a mainstream sound that was entirely different from anything she had previously recorded.

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Country Music: The Rough Guide called the production of the title track"bigger and sentimentalism more obvious, even manipulative". Allmusic critic William Ruhlmann was not overly pleased with album's production, saying that it lacked the features that had been set forth on Whoever's in New England.

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Rulhlmann criticized the title track for "something of the feel hogyan fogyott a reba mcentire 'Whoever's in New England' in its portrayal of a woman trying to recover from a painfully ended love affair". The following year, her first MCA compilation, Greatest Hits was released and became her first a sikeres zsírvesztés kulcsa to be certified platinum in sales, eventually certifying triple-platinum.

The emotions fogyás 275 font her divorce from husband, Charlie Battles, were put into the album's material, according to McEntire.

The title track from the release was a number-one single in and the second single, "Love Will Find Its Way to You", also reached the top spot. In lateMcEntire released her first Christmas collection, Merry Christmas to Youwhich sold two million copies in the United States, certifying double Platinum. Stereo Review disliked the album's contemporary style, stating, "After years of insisting that she'd stick to hard-core country 'because I have tried the contemporary-type songs, and it's not Reba McEntire—it's just not honest', McEntire The album peaked at No.

Okay, so maybe that's not so terrible. The company eventually expanded into managing a horse farm, jet charter service, trucking, construction, and book publishing.

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McEntire's fourteenth studio album, Sweet Sixteenwas released in May ; it spent sixteen weeks at No. The album was given positive reviews because unlike her previous studio album, the release, "welcomes the fiddles and steel guitars back as she returns to the neo-traditionalist fold", according to Allmusic, which gave the release four-and-a-half out of five stars.

Reviewer William Ruhlmann found Sweet Sixteen to "double back to a formula that worked for her in the past". Stereo Review mainly found the recording displeasing in some places, but the reviewer also believed she "still leaves most of the competition in the dust", calling the album "glorious".

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Rumor Has It eventually sold three million copies bycertifying triple-platinum by that year. It was prefaced by the single "You Lie", which became her fifteenth number-one single on the country chart. After reaching an altitude of 3, feet 1, m above sea level, the aircraft crashed on the side of Otay Mountainlocated 10 miles east of the airport.

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A spokeswoman for McEntire at the time stated in the Los Angeles Times that "she was very close to all of them. Some of them had been with her for years. Reba is totally devastated by this. It's like losing part of your family.

Right now she just wants to get back to Nashville. Fogyni spanyol ige dedicated her sixteenth album, For My Broken Heartto the deceased members of her road band. Released in Octoberit contained songs of sorrow and lost love about "all measure of suffering", [22] according to Alanna Nash of Entertainment Weekly.

Nash reported that McEntire "still hits her stride with the more traditional songs of emotional turmoil, above all combining a spectacular vocal performance with a terrific song on 'Buying Her Roses', a wife's head-spinning discovery of her husband's other woman.

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It became her first album to peak within the Billboard Top 10, reaching No. In the song, a wife answers the phone to find her husband's girlfriend on the other end and seizes the opportunity not only to inform her mate that she knows of his affair but to give him the ultimatum of choosing between the two.

She's not the only one who's waitin' on the line, she sings, handing her husband hogyan fogyott a reba mcentire phone. It's your call. The song later reached No. The album has gone to sell over 10 million copies worldwide, which makes it McEntire's best selling album to date. The album spawned five major hit singles onto the Billboard Country chart, including the No.

Dillon also felt that the album's material had "a little soula little swingand some poptoo". The album was made to commemorate twenty hogyan fogyott a reba mcentire in the music industry, but many music critics gave it a less positive response than her previous release.


The proceeds of sales for this single were donated to the Salvation Army. In November, her twenty-second studio album, So Karcsúsító bandeau tankini Together was released, spawning three singles.

Unlike any of her previous albums, So Good Together was produced by three people, including McEntire. The album helped McEntire receive her third gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America, which made her the most certified female country artist in music history.

It spawned the number-three hit " I'm a Survivor ", which was her last major hit for two years, as McEntire went on a temporary hiatus to focus on her television sitcom, Reba.

Dan MacIntosh of Country Standard Time gave Room to Breathe a less-received review, reporting that "it ultimately falls short of leaving the listener breathless".

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This became her thirty-third number-one single overall. The album came out in November and it took 30 weeks for "Somebody" to work its way up the charts. Usually, it's 15 weeks. But this one had a resurgence of life, especially after the video came out.

MCA is really kicking butt with it. The album comprised all thirty-three number-one hits in her career on all major trade charts. Both were released as singles, peaking at No. With those two nominations plus another in and two more inMcEntire became the female artist with the most nominations forty-eight in the forty-three year history of the CMA Awards, surpassing Dolly Partonwho has forty-three.

McEntire stated that out of all the albums she had previously recorded, her newest release was particularly special: "This is an album that will go down in history as probably my favorite album to record because I got to work and sing and be with my friends.

Out of everything in this whole career that I can say that I'm the most proud of, are my friends. And here's the proof. McEntire's vocal strength yields a different kind of authority than the bluesy, drawling growl of Janis Joplinthe weathered rasp of Marianne Faithfullor even the soul-shrieking powerhouse of Tina Turner.

Instead, Reba's voice combines the aspects of all three singers but tempers it with a Southern sweetness and an unmistakable femininity.

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Reba: Duets peaked at No. Recorded on the album as a duet with Chesney, it was released to radio with its co-writer, Skip Ewingas a duet partner. Under MCA, she had sold a total of 67 million records worldwide and won two Grammys.

McEntire later commented on her label switch, stating "I am thrilled to be joining the Valory team.